Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program, Naval Reactors/NAVSEA 08

Title Naval Reactors Engineer
Company Naval Reactors (A Joint DOE & USN Organization)
Year 1986 – 1991
Country USA
Funding Agency DOE
Project Name US Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program

Lieutenant Johnson analyzed emergency-power system failures and problems in the Navy’s 178 nuclear propulsion plants, and he identified improvements based on this analysis and study. Lieutenant Johnson implemented an $8 million upgrade program resulting in a program-wide 2% increase in reliability of the program’s emergency-power system. Lieutenant Johnson also successfully managed installation of a $2 million emergency-power system for a power plant in Charleston, SC. The electric power plant provided 7 days of power following the Hurricane Hugo. Finally, Lieutenant Johnson managed the development of a new-design, turbine-exhaust expansion joint for a new-design power plant in SSN 21.